O Clock Camo Watches: Fashionable, With Just A Hint Of Rambo

Sure, these watches don’t have weird LEDs or touchscreen faces, but the O Clock Camo knows what everyone really needs in a watch: it tells time and looks good while doing it.  All that fancy stuff are nice, but most of us can do with just the bare essentials.

Made by Italian watchmakers Fullspot, the timepieces pair fashionable styling with a macho-looking camouflage dial.  Perfect for the man in your life who likes his fashion accessories with just a hint of Rambo in them.  We guess it could be perfect for the all-around military geek who wears a Bandolier Bag to the mall, too.

The O Clock Camo Watch follows the modular design aesthetics of other O Clock watches, sporting detachable watch cases (with the dial and timing mechanisms in tow) and unibody strap-cases that you can mix and match with different models.  The stretchy soft silicon band comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) to fit varying wrists (they have a guide in the product page if you’re not sure which size to buy).

The actual watch is encased in a metal frame with a plastic camouflage dial and Citizen movement.  Despite the Rambo-like face, we’re pretty sure this isn’t designed for rugged uses, so don’t bother trying to wear it while fighting Predators in the jungle.

Despite coming from Milan and looking very stylish, the O Clock Camo is priced rather affordably at $52.  You only get three options in colors for the band, though — dove, olive and ice.