O6 Eyes-Free Remote Lets You Control Your Phone Using One Thumb


From step-by-step navigation to audio entertainment, our phones have become an indispensable part of many cars’ cabins. Problem is, interacting with your phone usually means taking your eyes off the road, even for just a quick sec. The O6 wants to change that.

An eyes-free remote for iOS devices, it mounts on the steering wheel of your car, where you can operate it using nothing but a single thumb. It achieves this simple operation by using a click wheel-style control, which lets you perform a whole load of smartphone operation by simply turning it clockwise and counter-clockwise.


The O6 is a puck-shaped device, with the click wheel taking up most of top surface and a single button in its center. It turns on and off with a single push of the button, at which point you can use it in either basic, advanced, or super mode. Basic allows you to use the remote for music playback and volume control, while advanced allows you to use it to listen to your inbox, notifications, and social media messages as if you’re scrolling through radio stations. Super allows you to control the phone’s navigation software.


Do note, the remote doesn’t have its own speaker. Instead, it can send audio from your phone either to the car’s sound system or Bluetooth audio hardware. Other features include a vibration motor (as prompt for calls and notifications), a 40 x 11 mm size (diameter x thickness), and a battery rated for use up to 10 days with just a single charge.

Available now, the O6 is priced at $99.

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