Oakley Holeshot Watch Features Sporty Design, Beefy Frame

Unapologetically loud watches aren’t my thing.  I think I’ll have to make an exception for the Oakley Holeshot, though, because this flashy sports timepiece actually manages to look decidedly manly.

According to Oakley, the design is inspired by the roster of athletes that the company sponsors — no bending to trends, no succumbing to limits and no conforming to the idea of what they should be.  This wristwatch definitely brings those qualities in spades, with just enough tact to not cross the actual borders of taste.

The Oakley Holeshot features Swiss-made quartz movement, with a six-hand analog display and chronograph functions encased under pure sapphire crystal.    Both the minute and hour hand are made from luminous material, so you can keep seeing them in the dark (admittedly, not quite as well as Diesel’s Glow in the Dark Watches).

Beefy 47.5 mm case is forged from stainless steel, with a screw-down stainless steel back and water resistance up to 330 feet.  Other details include a dual-sealed crown, a band with unobtanium links and a variety of finishing options.

Three styles of the Oakley Holeshot are available — the regular version, a stainless steel bracelet edition and a WWII-inspired 10th Mountain Division model.  Price starts at $550.