Oakmulgee Bike Station Rack Can Mount Your Bike Four Different Ways


At a glance, the Oakmulgee Bike Station Rack looks like any of the bike rack and wall shelf combos in the market. And like them, you can use it to hold both your bike and a good load of your cycling gear. Except, it bears a clever design that allows you to mount bicycles in several different ways, ensuring you can mount any bike, regardless of its make, size, or geometry.

Equipped with multiple facilities, the rack can mount your bike via the top tube, the handlebars, the seat, and even the seat post. That’s on top of also serving as storage space for your helmet, bag, sunglasses, and any other gear you carry during rides. With the multiple bike mounting options, it lets you arrange everything any way you need, allowing you to use it hold every single element of your everyday riding gear.


The Oakmulgee Bike Station Rack isn’t just useful for storage, since the handlebar mounting option holds the bike with the tires facing out, making it an ideal position for performing maintenance and repairs. It comes with multiple hooks and loops for storing your helmets, bags, gloves, and shoes, with integrated slots on top making it suitable for holding wrenches, screwdrivers, and other tools.  Construction is durable 5052 aluminum alloy, with a hard anodized coating so it won’t easily sustain damage and an EPDM rubbed edge banding ensuring it doesn’t scratch your bike any time it’s mounted.


Available now, the Oakmulgee Bike Station Rack is priced at $169.


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