Oat Shoes: Compost-Friendly Sneakers

While they aren’t likely to shake up the fashion footwear industry, Oat Shoes’ Virgin Collection  does bring something that could appeal to your green-friendly sensibilities.  Instead of having to go through hoops finding recycling options after you wear them out, you can simply drop the beat-up pair into a compost bin.

Completely biodegradable, the kicks fall far in looks to the typical unsightly footwear that pass off for earth-friendly shoes.  In fact, they look like regular sneakers.  Sure, they won’t make you feel as pimpin’ as your favorite limited edition Adidas, but you can probably sleep better at night knowing you’ve been able to steer clear of another non-sustainable practice yet again.

The Oat Shoes Virgin Collection currently consists of six sneaker designs that range from low-tops to mids to hi-cuts.  Each one is made from 100% compostable materials (no details on what they actually are), all while being “easy on the eyes” and “easy on the feet.”  Uppers are either in one or two colors (white and white/brown), while the soles come in red, blue, yellow and green.

Oat Shoes recently won second prize at the Green Fashion Awards during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.  They shoes are not yet available for sale, but they appear to be looking for dealers (and, likely, investors).

[OAT via TreeHugger]