Oblika Puzzle Doubles As Stylish 2D Construction Tiles

Oblika is a simple jigsaw puzzle composed of a variety of geometric pieces that you assemble in its included frame to form a basic square. Take the various pieces out of the frame, however, and they turn into versatile construction tiles that you can use to fashion dozens of fun and creative two-dimensional shapes.

Designed by Jonathan Dorthe, the tiles consist of various sizes of triangles, domes, four-sided shapes (squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids), and curved tiles, allowing them to be used for forming architectural silhouettes the way few construction toys could. From standard homes to cathedrals to industrial factories to modern towers, this toy can fuel imaginative play in a fresh and fun way.

Of course, the Oblika Puzzle can be used to form a whole lot of non-architectural shapes, too. Think ships, robots, natural landscapes, and whatever else your imagination will accommodate. Heck, you can even shape these as fancy geometric coasters for holding your Caveman Mug on the table (note: we will not be responsible for any damage the drinks will do to the tiles). The set comes with 22 laser-cut tiles (available in either wood or acrylic) of different shapes, each of which comes etched with a linear pattern on the surface, and a wooden frame measuring 11 x 11 x 1.5 inches (h x w x d). An optional frame made from maple wood with an etched grid is also available. Each set is handmade.

Available now from Atelier-D’s Etsy store, the Oblika Puzzle retails for $46.81.

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