No More Soggy Cereal With The Obol Bowl

I don’t like soggy cereal, you are not a big fan of either.  Long story short, soggy cereal sucks. But if we want milk with our morning flakes, it’s an inevitability.  Unless, of course, you use two bowls.  Or an ingeniously-fashioned bowl like the Obol. Off course not to be confused with the gyro bowl for kids.

Billed as “the original crispy bowl,” the tableware takes a regular bowl and puts a spiral slide divider in the middle.  That way, you can put milk on one side and your favorite crispies  on the other, combining them by spoonfuls to keep everything crunchy, rather than pouring everything together (which leaves them soggy in a couple minutes).

The Obol’s unique design doesn’t just throw up a wall in the center like most dual-compartment bowls in the market.  Instead, the spiral and sloping shape creates a pathway on one corner, where you can let some of the cereal slide (either by tilting the bowl carefully or pushing it with a spoon) to join the milk on the other side.

Designed for holding with one hand (while the other grabs a spoon), it features a slightly protruding rim with a textured finish that facilitates a no-slip grip.  The bowl’s base is actually shaped like a handle, too, in case you’d rather keep your hand far away from the food.

Of course, you’re not restricted to using the Obol for breakfast crispies, either.  You can use it for, pretty much, any eating situation that involves separating solids with liquids like cookies and milk, nachos and bacon hot sauce salsa, and gummi bear and corn syrup.  Yep, eat that last one at your own risk.

The Obol Bowl is available now.