Indulge Your Dysfunction With The OCD Chef Cutting Board

Everyone can chop vegetables on a cutting board.  But few are those special souls who can slice and dice with precise measurements and exact portions.  Until now, that is, with The OCD Chef.

Designed by Paul Williamson, the chopping board gives you big slab of wood for doing all your kitchen preparations.    Unlike other boards, however, it comes with detailed line markings that you can use to accurately measure the length, width and even arc of that big slab of pork belly you’re guttering to pieces.

The OCD Chef is a rectangular cutting board that measures 9 x 12 inches.  Made from long-wearing beechwood, it should withstand all daily run-ins with sharp blades the way any good chopping slab is supposed to do.  Heck, you can even put the blade through the same slice 100 times if that assuages your compulsive tendencies — the thing should last.

Sure, the markings go a little overboard.  While I can appreciate (by appreciate, I mean I’ll probably use it once or twice) the grids, they even threw in a protractor rule in there, which is just crazy.  Unless, of course, you’re clinically diagnosed with OCD — then you can probably find a good use for that.

If you take all necessary pains to make your cubes cubed and your inch-wide slices a precise inch wide, The OCD Chef is just the kitchen tool to make your life better.

You can buy OCD chef cutting board for around $20 from Amazon.

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