OCZ Sabre Keyboard With Programmable Goodies

sabre_keyboard1In this day and age of fancy and over the top gadgets,  it’s actually quite refreshing to come across something cool that isn’t quite so space age!

This OCZ Sabre Keyboard is pretty much just that – a keyboard. OCZ are a company that manufacture pretty neat peripherals for purchase in the USA and Japan only. This keyboard isn’t just the bog standard keyboard however. It’s USB 2:0 connected with plug and play functionality, compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista (sorry Mac and Linux users, not for you) and it has a 128mb on board storage which can be used for storing application specific macros.

It is marketed as the competitive gamer’s or CAD expert’s keyboard. It’s certainly very ergonomic in design with a 5 to 10 degree tilt for comfort and an integrated palm rest. It comes with a one year warranty and on top of that, as most new peripherals tend to at the moment, it looks ultra modern, stylish and cool. It’s black in colour with a series of blue LED lights over various keys (the usual keys, such as caps lock) and blue lighting around the shell too, which makes it look a little less like a run of the mill peripheral.


It has a pretty impressive 9 dynamic user programmable OLED displays (as shown in the image above) and claims “limitless” macro and command configurations as a possibility. One thing that will please gamers who use voice applications in their games is the low noise keys! Impressive. This is just brushing the surface with this list of features to be honest.

More information can be found at the OCZ Site