Odon illumiSAFE Is A Desk Lamp That Doubles As A Secret Safe


Yes, a bolted safe with a secure lock should be enough of a deterrent to protect your valuables at home. Unless, of course, you’re being burglarized by a skilled safecracker, in which case, you’re probably screwed. That wouldn’t happen if you used something like Odon’s illumiSAFE instead.

A safe hidden inside a dimmable desk lamp, it allows you to camouflage your valuables, leading would-be burglars to look elsewhere in the house instead. Sure, it’s not the nicest-looking lamp in the world, but we bet you’d rather burglars thought you had bad taste, than actually stealing your watches, jewelry, and whatever other treasures you’ve been hoarding.


The Odon illumiSAFE has a set of drawers hidden inside the lamp’s body, which automatically rise up once the lock has been disengaged. Instead of using keys or codes, the safe can be unlocked using a smartphone app, essentially relying on your phone’s security (whether you use passcodes or biometrics) to secure its contents. For those who’d rather not use an app, it also with an RFID reader that allows you to disengage the lock using either a key card, a ring, or a bracelet.


It comes in two sizes: standard and mini, each of which can be configured to hold between three to six drawers. They do offer different drawer sizes, so you can configure this for use as a gun safe (just hand guns, of course) if needed. Features include tamper detection (it immediately sends notification), proximity on/off for the lamp, LED lighting for the safe (so you can see the contents), and 12-gauge carbon steel construction for the body.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Odon illumiSAFE. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $149.

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