This Floating Hotel On The River Seine Is The Freshest Way To Enjoy Paris


Flowing right through the heart of Paris, the river Seine has always been a central element of Parisian life. Albeit, one that tourists don’t necessarily get to appreciate frequently enough. That might change soon with the opening of Off Paris Seine, a floating hotel moored right on the 483-mile-long river.

Anchored near Austerlitz, it’s the city’s first floating hotel, giving guests a Parisian experience like no other. Unless, of course, you’ve lived in a boat in Paris, then we’re guessing the experience comes close, since the darn thing is technically the largest boat currently docked in the French capital.


The Off Paris Seine measures 262 feet long and 66 feet wide, making for quite the imposing structure out in the water. Designed as a boutique hotel, it has just 58 rooms, including four suites, with a pool lounge and bar that’s open to the public, so those who prefer landlocked accommodations can still experience the riverbank establishment for a few hours of chilling on the water. As you can imagine, almost every element of the building has been devised to amplify the uniqueness of its settings, from the thousands of suspended metal squares in the lounge (which vibrate as the hotel shifts with the river’s tide) to the transparent roof panels that line the various hallways.


Want to say there? Rooms start at £140 a night, each of which is kitted out with Atelier Cologne products and a minibar stocked with local artisan beer.


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