Off-Road Cooler Cart

Off-road handcarts aren’t just for soldiers hauling weapons and ammunition during jungle warfare.  You might want to use one the next time you decide to have a picnic in the heart of the jungle, too.  This Off-Road Cooler Cart is exactly the tool for the job.

Sure, you can take any regular cart and use it for the same purpose.  That is, if you’re fine having to drag and push extra hard on not-so-even surfaces like sand, dirt and rocky ground. If you’d like to lug all those supplies (cooler, picnic bag, fold-out table) without pulling a muscle, though, then this rugged cargo carrier is a must-have for your trek.

Made with powder-coated 25-gauge aluminum, the Off-Road Cooler Cart’s frame should stand the rigors of all the beer, pie and picnic supplies you take with you in the wild.  And by wild, we mean that patch of forest with all trees right next to your camp with the satellite TV and internet.  Sure, it ain’t no Predator hunting ground, but it’s still semi-rugged and should make rolling a regular cart a hellish undertaking.

To ensure it clears difficult ground without hassle, the cart is armed with a pair of oversized pneumatic tires, which feature deep treads and widths of 2 inches apiece.   The cargo bed frame comes reinforced with denier rip stop polyester, too, so you can hold smaller items at the bottom without having them fall right off the cracks.  It weighs a reasonable 15 pounds, all while being able to handle as much as 150 pounds of load (and, yes, that’s a lot of beer and burgers).

The Off-Road Cooler Cart is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $149.95.