Workaholic Pillow Adds A Disguised Head Cushion On Your Desk For Those Sneaky Office Naps


Like to sleep at work when no one’s looking?  Doze off comfortably with the Workaholic Pillow, a soft head cushion that folds up into an innocent-looking book to keep your office hour naps a secret.

Yep, it’s a downy pillow disguised as a giant book.  We can’t read the Japanese inscriptions on the side, which is awesome, since no one at my office can understand what it says either.  If anyone asks, just say it’s your private diary that no one’s allowed to read and all that Japanese stuff is a curse cast upon anyone who touches it without your consent – they’ll develop the worst hemorrhoids known to man if they dare.

The Workaholic Pillow is a slim, but comfy-looking flat cushion that’s cleverly hidden inside a bookshell.  Book frame is clad in green, with gold lettering.  It says Workaholic on both sides of the body, with the aforementioned Japanese lettering slathered across the side.


No matter how hardworking you are, you’ll eventually get tired.  You can only burn the midnight oil for so long before your body gives out and compels you to rest, after all.  With this thing on your bookshelf, napping comfortably on the desk will always be within easy reach.  Whether you’re working at the office, the library or the local Starbucks, sleep is just one open book away.

End drooling on your workspace forever by slobbering on the ¥5,600 (about $60+)  Workaholic Pillow instead.   Just do me a favor and make sure to wash it occasionally.  Please.

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