Office Speak Rubber Stamp: Why Write When You Can Stamp It?

When your job involves having to sign large volumes of documentation day after day, it’s always smart to just buy a custom rubber stamp with your signature on it.  We guess the same holds true when you find yourself leaving the same tired messages and cliches to your co-workers.  That’s where the Office Speak Rotating Stamp comes handy.

A multi-message rubber stamp, it lets you choose among twelve of the most trite phrases people use to communicate at work.  You know, like “I Need Coffee,” “On The Same Page” and, my personal default expression, “Leave Me Alone.”  That way, you can skip having to pick up a pen to write that stuff down — just dip the stamp on an ink  pad and press away.

The Office Speak Rubber Stamp measures 3.25 x 2.5 x 1 inches, with a comfy handle on top and a key-like dial on the side.  Turning the dial switches to a different carved phrase on the stamp.  Do check that you have it turned to the right message, though — the last thing you want is to leave the impression that you actually read a document when all you really wanted to put on the cover is “I’m Not Here Right Now.”  It comes with a black ink pad that measures 2.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches.

At the least, this is a nice alternative to the now-trite “Like” and “Dislike” stamps you’ve been using since last year.  Sometimes, you really want to show approval by saying “Paradigm Shift” instead of just “Like,” after all.  The Office Speak Rubber Stamp is available now for $13.