OfficePOD Puts A Self-Contained Workstation In Your Backyard


Need a home office, no space inside the house?  Add a functional office in your backyard with the OfficePOD, a self-contained workspace that can be delivered and installed anywhere you have room for it.

Based out of the UK, the company (who bear the same name as their flagship product) provides such modular offices for both corporate and individual clients.  More than simply producing an “office in a box,” they look to take care of everything from surveying the area (to find ideal spots to situate the pods) to ensuring the workspace stays functional (with electrical connections and all that) to relocation, when necessary.


Each OfficePOD unit consists of a self-contained box (with a real roof and walls) measuring 2.1 x 2.1 meters.  It comes with all the necessary amenities of a regular home office, including an integrated table, shelves and slots for wiring.  A secure locking mechanism is also in place, though, I’d advise you to think twice about leaving valuable stuff inside (unless you had it installed in the middle of a pit surrounded by snakes and alligators, that is). Attractive and stylish, they won’t stick out like sore thumbs in your garden or any other outdoor space.  In fact, they’ll most likely look like a part of the original design.

This sure beats my walk-in closet office and some of the other creative (read: no choice) things other people have done to manage a workspace inside their homes.  Why turn your house over finding room when you can have an office delivered right on your lawn?  In case you still have no space outdoors, you might even be able to persuade them to install one on your roof (I said “might”).

I’m not sure whether OfficePOD is already operational or are still in the process of building up their service.  The website appears pretty complete, though.  You can contact them directly for pricing and further inquiries.