OGarden Is The Nicest-Looking Way To Grow 80 Plants Indoors


There’s no shortage of indoor planters that you can use to grow vegetables and herbs inside the house. Whichever one you use, having plants always livens up a space, making it an excellent decorative accent, apart from being a useful tool. If you want an indoor garden that can serve as a centerpiece in the room, though, you’ll need to bundle a good lot of planters together and put them in fancy arrangements. That or you can just pick up the awesome OGarden.

A ring-shaped planter, the rig lets you grow plants in a vertical o-pattern, making for a really unique-looking indoor garden. Even better, the ring slowly turns throughout the course of the day, making for quite a dynamic installation that will never fail to command attention. Seriously, one of these and you’ll have an instant conversation piece every time a guest comes over.


The OGarden consists of a large ring that’s mounted on a cabinet-like platform. Inside the ring comes 20 rows of plant tubes, each of which can accommodate up to four plants each. That amounts to 80 plants per growing season, allowing you to grow a good load of herbs and vegetables at the exact same time. Each plant is grown in individual bags inside the tubes, so each one is living in its own mini-ecosystem, ensuring the plants do not compete for sustenance among each other.

Unlike many modern planters that grow plants on a special substrate, this one is designed to work with any soil you want. That’s right, you can dig up soil straight from your backyard or use your own compost if that’s what will please you, so you can rely on any local source for your future substrates. Do note, each starter kit comes with a big bag of the outfit’s preferred substrate (made up of soil, coconut fiber, and organic mycorrhiza), which should be enough to last you for one grow cycle.


An integrated 125-watt CFL bulb sits in the center of the OGarden’s ring, providing the plants their much needed dose of simulated daylight. A timer allows you to set how long the lights should run each day, with the outfit recommending between eight and 12 hours for optimal growth. Like many hydroponic planters, it can water the plants all on its own, although the fact that you’re growing 80 plants simultaneously means you’ll need to refill the tank at a frequent pace. As such, they recommend adding water every three to four days.

According to the outfit, having the ring spin on its axis isn’t just for show. Instead, doing this actually helps the plants get stronger as they adapt to the ever-changing orientation. Oh yeah, the cabinet at the bottom of the ring is actually a functional storage unit, so you can use it to tidy up your indoor gardening supplies, among other things.


As for the plants, you can grow, pretty much, any type of herb and small vegetable using the setup. OGarden currently sells over 30 different types of seeds, although you can always experiment growing your own preferred plants.

Available now, the OGarden is priced at $1,397.

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