Ohnana Tent Has Walls That Repel Sunlight And Heat, So It Stays Cool Inside


Tents are awesome enough as far as shelter when staying outdoors go, as they can keep rain, wind, and even bugs from disturbing your rest. Problem is, when it’s scorching hot outside, the same is likely true inside the tent’s fabric walls, making it less ideal when you want to catch a nap during humid summer days. That won’t be a problem for the Ohnana Tent.

Designed for summer outdoor festivals, the tent boasts the capability to keep things significantly cooler inside, ensuring you can stay sheltered in the daylight without enduring the same discomfort you experience outside. That means, you can actually sleep in till noon without having the heat of the sun rouse you up from refreshing slumber – perfect for the long nights of partying people do at summer festivals.


Similar to the No Bake Tent, the Ohnana manages to keep its interior cool by using reflective coating on the tent’s fabric, effectively shrugging off heat and sunlight, so it has minimal effect inside. This simple solution is supposed to keep the interior temperature up to 22 degrees Fahrenheit lower than conventional tents, making it an ideal option any time you’re planning to stay inside the tent during sunny days. While created for festival goers, this should also make it viable for anyone who needs a cooler place to hang out during summer outdoor festivities.

Because the tent also blocks out sunlight, it’s going to be very dark inside, which makes it perfect for sleeping in, but probably not when you just want to rest and chat with friends. As such, you might want to bring a camp light along to provide a little illumination, in case you’re not planning to tuck in and call it a day.


To ensure air circulates properly in the tent, the Ohnana comes with tactically-placed air gaps and vents, which manage to carry out their function without affecting the tent’s lower temperatures. For even better cooling, the tent comes with a companion electric fan that can be hung from the ceiling to help you get even more comfortable. That same fan also comes with an integrated LED ring, so you can use the same rig for illumination, too. Since there are no power outlets in the tent, the darn thing can be either be powered using three AA batteries or a power bank. According to the outfit, a fully-charged 5200 mAh power bank can keep it running for around 10 hours.


Since it’s designed for festival goers rather than hardcore outdoorsmen, the tent has been rigged with a two-pole design that allows it set up in under 10 minutes. Features include two windows on the lower sides of the tent, a pair of pockets inside for storing your valuables, a built-in mosquito net to keep the biters out, and a fully-waterproof 170T double-layered polyester construction. It measures 6.6 x 6.6 x 4.25 inches, with enough room inside to sleep up to three people.

Available for pre-order with shipping slated for the fourth quarter, the Ohnana is priced at €130 without the fan and €160 with the fan included.

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