Oil Spill Destroys Websites Specially The Ones You Love

There is nothing cool about the BP oil spill. The effect of this nasty disaster is going to be felt by generations to come. Every time when I pick up some cool new gadget, I am amazed by how far mankind has come and amazing things that are being invented. But then we have an oil leak at the bottom of the ocean that is gushing millions of gallons of this nasty liquid into the ocean and no one seems to know what to do about it.

We can all sit here and cringe at what’s going on, but we can never even come close to feeling the real pain that people who are being directly effected by this disaster must be experiencing. Here is a virtual way to see what happens to your business, house or in this case your favorite web site when oil spill takes it over.

Just head on over to Instant Oil Spill and see how it feels to drown in this disaster.

Not for the weak of heart I tell ya.