Old Clothes Find New Life As Your Bag With The Joe Recycled Suit Tote

When your favorite suit from five decades ago goes out of style, what do you do with it? Reuse it into something like the Joe Recycled Tote Bag, an old suit fashioned into a strapped carryall for everyday use.

Created by Korean non-profit design shop, Eco Party Mearry, the bag is made from a real pair of shirt and suit, neatly folded into a tote and sewn with a strap for easy handling. Each one is made from a distinct pair of clothing, making every bag the only one of its kind.

The Joe Recycled Suit Tote is a 19.7 x 16.9 inch bag made from 100% recycled components. Not only is the clothing a former resident in someone’s closet, the handles are stripped off from old leather couches too. All the suit and shirt pockets outside remain usable, just in case the interior compartment isn’t enough to hold all your stuff.

Just on the edge of the eccentric and the unconventional, the bag should make a great accessory for hipsters tired of the same tote bag designs. Nice way to fool people into thinking you’re carrying a suit too, so you can pretend you’re actually going to a job application, instead of the local 24-hour pub at 10 in the morning.

You can score one of the sweet-looking Joe Recycled Suit Totes for $250.

[Poketo via Like Cool]