Old Incandescents Find Second Life As Light Bulb Terrarium

Every working area should have at least one living thing, apart from you (we’re assuming you aren’t a zombie, of course). A fish on a bowl or a plant can do so much to liven up a dreary desk. Yes, even a plant inside a lighting fixture.

We’re talking about the Light Bulb Terrarium, a crafty table decoration that sets up an actual living plant inside an old incandescent bulb. Small and compact, it barely takes up any space in your desk, all while looking more stylish than that glass box with a cactus on your sworn enemy’s cubicle. On a sidenote, the reason you’re sworn enemies is because in-fighting makes office life more fun.

Created by seller Tinyterra on Etsy, the Light Bulb Terrarium features a pair of real tilandsia plants (air plants, in case you’re wondering). Nestled along inside the curving section of the former lighting fixture, they are joined by preserved reindeer moss in river stones, making for a beautiful-looking arrangement. The assembly is held in place by glossy polyester resin.

Since it’s an actual living plant, it needs some amount of sunlight and a sprinkle of water at least once a week. To do that, they left an opening at the end of the bulb’s neck, where you can also insert spiders and insects, in case you like being creepy that way.

The Light Bulb Terrarium is made by hand in San Francisco, using locally-sourced materials to produce each piece. All items are made to order, though, so there’s a turnaround time when you request one. You can get them for $46.