Olive O6HD, Audiophile Music Server Your Home Theater Has Been Waiting For

Got a big block of cash and space in your home theater for a music server?  Fix your eyes on the Olive O6HD, a $5,000 piece of audiophile equipment that will act as your music room’s command center in dashing style.

Packing  2TB of onboard storage, you can store an estimated 6,000 CDs worth of music, all in uncompressed format for maximum fidelity.  Haven’t transferred your old CDs to the PC yet?  Cut off the middleman and rip them directly through the device, which will record an entire disc in lossless  form at the press of a button, including album art and tags.

The  Olive O6HD features a 10.1-inch touchscreen on the top panel, which you can use to navigate through your collection by swiping.  Button controls sit under the display, which you can also use for navigation (in case you’re not into the whole touch control thing), along with the rest of the available operations (ripping CDs, burning CD, playback and more).  Optical drive is the slide-in variety, available from the front side.

Everything is housed inside an anodized aluminum shell, measuring 17.125 x 4.5 x 14 inches.  It works in full silence, with its own passive cooling mechanism to avoid needing a noisy fan and eight levels of noise canceling cushion for the hard drive.  There are, of course, a variety of connections and ports (WiFi, ethernet, USB, HDMI and more), as well as a sample rate converter that will upsample your crappy rips into 24-bit/384kHz recordings.

Sure, the Olive O6HD expensive.  For the price, though, you get a dedicated DAC with its own power supply, which can do HD music without missing a beat.  It comes preloaded with 12 HD tracks, so you can immediately forsake the kind of low-quality crap you’ve been listening to all this time.