Ollie Chair Folds Into A Decorative Wooden Piece


There’s no shortage of folding chair designs out there, all of them packing flat for convenient storage. Despite their compact collapsed size, they’re quite unsightly, so you’ll need to store them under furniture or in a closet away from sight. Not the Ollie Chair.

Made by RockPaperRobot (the same guys behind the levitating Float Table), the folding chair looks nothing more than a column of horizontal wooden panels when not in use, making for quite a decorative piece that you won’t mind leaving out in the open. Seriously, you can rest it against a corner, mount it up a wall, or lean it against a table without the whole thing looking out of place.


The Ollie Chair has a folding aluminum body with the seat and back rest covered in slats of wood, with a slightly tilted seat and a contoured backrest enabling a sitting position that provides excellent lumbar support. Those slats of wood are easily removable, by the way, so you can easily swap a new set in whether for aesthetics or maintenance. All parts of the chair have been chosen for their resistance to rust, so you can keep these in the backyard without any problems.


When folded, it measures just 2.25 inches thick, all while unfolding into a proper-sized chair measuring 35 x 20.75 x 18 inches (height x depth x width). Features include three color options for the aluminum body, several finish options for the wood slats (including silkscreen graphics), and a weight of 16 pounds.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Ollie Chair. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $300.

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