Olloclip Studio Turns Your iPhone Into A More Ergonomic, Better-Equipped Camera


On its own, the Olloclip Studio looks nothing more than an ornately-fashioned smartphone case.   Once combined with any of the modular accessories, though, it turns your iPhone into an even more capable photography device.

Sporting a patent-pending rail-mount system on the back, the case can be reinforced with any of multiple accessories, equipping your smartphone with new tools for mobile photography. Whether you’re looking to attach a better mic to your phone, give it more convenient shooting ergonomics, or just mount it to a standard camera tripod, just swap in the desired accessory and you’ll be set.


The Olloclip Studio’s accessories include a two-finger universal grip that makes it way easier to hold your phone, whether you’re shooting video (of your cats), taking photos (of your food), or putting in the work to reach your selfie quota for the day. There’s also a set of ¼-20 mounts for attaching any tripod, grip, or handle in your bag of tools, as well as a set of cold-shoe adapters for latching on accessories like boom mics and lighting. For enjoying movies on your phone, there’s also a kickstand accessory for setting it down on a table.


Since the rail-mount will always be on the case, this also opens the door to adding even more types of accessories to the phone, whether for photography or other applications. Oh yeah, the case will, naturally, also work with the company’s existing clip-on camera lenses, just in case you’re already invested in that.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Olloclip. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $35.

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