Pack-N-Roll Is The Handy Collapsible Rolling Cart We All Need Around The House


While multi-level rolling carts are standard for most commercial establishments, you can never discount their potential usefulness around the house. From moving trays of food during barbecues to holding tools when gardening to serving as mobile mini-bars during parties, a single three-layer rolling tray can do a lot of good. Problem is, the darn things can take up so much space when not in use. The Olympia Tools Pack-N-Roll offers a collapsible solution.

Designed to collapse into a flat bundle that you can hide behind the closet, lean against the wall, or tuck underneath furniture, the cart can be easily stowed out of sight and out of the way. As such, no large cart creating an obstruction in the kitchen, in the garden, or anywhere else around the house, all while giving you a really useful tool for those times when a mobile serving cart is just the thing to save the day.


The Olympia Tools Pack-N-Roll is a three-level utility cart that measures 34 x 26 x 15 inches (height x width x depth) when fully expanded, all while splitting in half and collapsing to a compact 42 x 8 x 15 inches when packed down. We know, the height still makes it a bit difficult to find a storage place for, but folding down to eight inches wide will definitely help ease your search. Heck, you can just rest it against the wall and it should be out of the way for the most part.

A secure frame-locking mechanism ensures it doesn’t collapse or expand accidentally, while a sturdy aluminum construction provides durable yet lightweight performance (it weighs under 20 pounds empty). It comes with “comfort-grip” handles on two sides, too, so you don’t have to reorient yourself when you want to push or pull it at any time.


You can easily drag or push the Olympia Tools Pack-N-Roll around the house courtesy of three-inch diameter rubber wheels that are designed to swivel for easily tackling corners, all while supporting loads of up to 150 pounds. That’s a whole lot of weight you can put on there, making it useful for a whole load of activities at home. Need to move tools and supplies to the workshop? This will work. How about a way to carry gardening tools and supplies? This should handle that.


Do note, each level of the tray can only carry 65 pounds max, so make sure to distribute the load, unless you want the darn thing to collapse accidentally. And, yes, the company is adamant about following the weight instructions, so you probably don’t want to test it. Each shelf of the cart measures 21.5 x 13.75 inches (width x depth), giving you a good amount of surface space to fill with trays, boxes, and whatever else you need to move. Whether for use in the kitchen, the garage, or the backyard, this thing sounds like it will lend itself to being a truly worthy investment.

Want one? The Olympia Tools Pack-N-Roll is available now.

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