Solar Power And Wireless Connectivity Allows The Om Outdoor Sound System To Run Completely Untethered


At first glance, the Om looks like a trash bin. Well, a nice-looking one, like what you’ll have in the backyard if you’re the type who cares about small details around the house. Except, it’s actually an outdoor audio-lighting device that can function completely unburdened by wires.

Rigged for full standalone function, the speaker uses Bluetooth 3.0 to receive streams from a music source and an integrated solar panel to power the device’s operation. It even has built-in RF to wirelessly hook up to three speakers at a time, so you can have a trio of boxes in the backyard piping the same tunes in unison.


Designed by Matteo Bazzicalupo for Avant-Garde, the Om Sound System takes on a cylinder shape, with a weather-resistant construction that’s durable enough to make it through even more extreme weather conditions. It comes with omnidirectional speakers that evenly distribute sound around the unit, with three LED points that lightly illuminate the area within its immediate space. A solar panel on top takes charge of harvesting the sun’s power, with an onboard battery that the generator replenishes whenever the speakers are not in use (as long as the sun is out). Judging by the shape and dimensions, the speaker looks like it can serve as an extra outdoor stool, although you should probably save that during nighttime use, lest you want to block the sun out.


No pricing is listed for the Om Sound System, but you can contact Avant-Garde directly to inquire.

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