OME Wanderr Chair Goes From Cargo Cart To Beach Chair To Camp Bench And More

You have a low-slung folding recliner that you take when you go to the beach. As well as a folding chair with a higher seat that you like to use when you go camping. You even got a camp bench, so you can chill with your friends while slumming it in the wild. The OME Wanderr Chair is a transforming outdoor furniture that can do all of those and more.

Billed as a 5-in-1 recreational outdoor gear, the multi-purpose rig can be equipped as a beach chair, a camp chair, a lounging recliner, a bench, and even a hand cart. That means, you can use it as a cart to haul your gear and supplies from your car to the beach, then deploy it as a beach chair or recliner to chill in once you’ve found your spot on the sand. Next time, you can take it to the local campsite for use as a camp chair or even lay it out as a bench for extra seats in the backyard when you have friends over, making it a highly versatile piece of gear you can use a whole lot of ways.

The OME Wanderr Chair is a lot bigger than your standard camp chair or beach chair, so it’s not the kind of thing you’ll want to bring along when you’re interested in packing light. In fact, it doesn’t look like those standard folding chairs, either, with a pair of SandTrakz wheels in the back allowing you to drag it across sand, rocks, and other outdoor surfaces, regardless of whether it’s deployed as a camp chair, a cart, or a bench. To the unfamiliar, SandTrakz are puncture-free plastic wheels traditionally used for moving kayaks from land to water. Those wheels are removable, by the way, in case you’d prefer a more traditional configuration for your outdoor seating.

When deployed as a beach chair, a lounging recliner, or a bench, it has a low seat height of 10 inches, while gaining a taller seat height of 16 inches when deployed as a camp chair. In cart mode, it doesn’t actually transform into a cart. Instead, it just gets deployed as a camp chair without the arm rests, so you can load all your gear into the seat, while a bungee net that goes over the front of the rig holds the gear in place.

The OME Wanderr Chair has a backrest that can be fully reclined when deployed as a beach chair or lounger, along with wide armrests that each have their own cup holder whenever it’s deployed as a beach chair, camp chair, or lounger. When deployed as a chair, lounger, or bench, it can support weights of up to 300 pounds, so it’s safe to have two or more people plopping on that bench, although it can only carry payloads of up to 150 pounds when used as a cart. Yeah, we don’t know why it’s that way, either.  Other features include a durable UV-resistant fabric, marine-grade aluminum frame, and a total weight of 30 pounds.

The OME Wanderr Chair is available now, priced at $399.

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