On-Ice Beer Dispenser Cools Your Beer Without Diluting It

You have a pitcher of beer you want to keep by your side so you don’t have to leave the couch at any time during the UFC pay-per-view.  But that beer just keeps getting warmer by the minute, so you throw in a good load of ice.  Now, your beer keeps getting diluted by the minute and you just want to give up.  Well, don’t do that just yet until you try the On-Ice Beer Dispenser.

A cleverly-designed dispenser, it uses separate chambers for holding the beer and the ice.  That way, you get all of the cooling with none of the water, letting you chug away without feeling like you’re downing seriously watered-down dregs.

The On-Ice Mixed Drink And Beer Dispenser has a main beer tower that can hold up to 80 ounces of brew at a time.  Right in its center is another walled off tower which you can fill with ice.  With the beer surrounding the ice the whole time, it’s able to maintain enough of a chill, all while tasting like it’s fresh off a newly-opened bottle.

The appliance measures 20.5 x 7 inches, with an integrated tap at the base to make refilling your glass even easier.   The transparent panels are constructed from acrylic glass, while the base is polished and chrome-plated to give it just that slightly classy look (since it’s a beer dispenser, it fails).  And since the cold chambers are raised, you don’t even leave any nasty drink marks on the table.

Home Wet Bar has the On-Ice Mixed Drink And Beer Dispenser available now, priced at $44.95.

[Home Wet Bar]