ONA Any Bag Turns Your Messengers And Backpacks Into Camera Bags

You love your camera gear as much as the next guy.  Let’s face it, though.  You’re not a pro and you don’t need to keep buying new stuff for your stash.  Here’s a versatile piece of accessory to cut down on your camera bag purchases:  the ONA Any Bag, an insert that you can squeeze into other bags to turn them into functional camera bags.

Armed with a magnetic snap closure flap, you can actually carry the insert on its own. Of course, you’ll have to tuck it under your arm or hold it in hand while doing so (you can probably hang a shoulder strap via the two leather side handles), but it’s perfectly usable.  However, its real purpose is serving as “a zillion camera bags for less than the price of one,” allowing you to turn erstwhile regular messengers, backpacks and totes into instant storage spaces for your photography gear.

The ONA Any Bag is constructed from water-resistant waterproof waxed canvas, measuring 10.5 x 7 x 4 inches.   It adds minimal weight to your stash (11 ounces) and squishes to accommodate whatever space is actually available in the bag.  As such, you won’t even look like you’re carrying an expensive DSLR, keeping you under the radar of would-be camera thieves.

Main compartment has a Velcro divider that can be removed and repositioned at will, allowing you to keep the actual camera body separate from the rest of the gear. Fitted with soft padded lining, the insert will keep your stash adequately protected from regular bumps and scratches.  There are also five exterior pockets, where you can store small, less sensitive items like memory cards, USB drives and such.

Photojojo has the ONA Any Bag camera insert available now, priced at $59.