One-Person Electric Watercraft Lets You Explore The Water Solo Without Taxing Your Arms Rowing


Riding out on a kayak or a canoe is a great way to enjoy the relaxing buoy of a lake in solitude. You’ll still have to busy yourself rowing, though, which definitely cuts in on time you’d rather spend kicking back. That won’t be the case with this One-Person Electric Watercraft.

Designed to let you enjoy the waters without any physical exertion, it’s a motorized boat that can take you hopping from shore to shore for up to six straight hours on a full charge. Yes, you’ll still need to steer the darn thing using a hand tiller unless you want to end up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, dodging cargo ships and sea monsters (seriously, you’re going to die in the ocean riding this thing), but it’s a heck of a lot easier than other available options.


The One-Person Electric Watercraft has enough room to let you lean back and stretch your legs, feeling the sun, the wind, and the water splashing on your face. A 12-volt electric motor hooks up to the dual-sealed lead-acid batteries to drive the two-bladed propeller, which takes it to leisurely speeds of 4 mph. Its wide beam and low center of gravity can ferry one rider and small cargo up to 320 pounds, with a foam-padded recumbent seat ensuring your comfort the entire ride. Creature comforts include an integrated 120-watt audio system with two 5-inch speakers (so you can be the loudest, most annoying person in the water), a built-in 12-bottle cooler, and a cup holder on the starboard. Hull is made from fiberglass, with chrome moldings.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, the One-Person Electric Watercraft is priced at $3,500.

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