One Stop Chop Cutting Board Features Slide-Out Trays

That Cut and Collect chopping board with the slide-out tray is plenty awesome.  But you’ve been getting more serious about cooking and serious cooks don’t chop their stuff on a plastic slab.  The One Stop Chop Cutting Board brings the same convenience but does it with a wooden slab worthy of your serious kitchen skills.

A raised cutting board with three slide-out trays underneath, it lets you slide finished ingredients into their own compartments.  No need to raise the board and slide the diced potatoes onto a bowl — just pull out a tray and swipe them off with the knife.  Done.

The One Stop Chop Cutting Board is made from bamboo for durability, with a surface treated using mineral oil.  The three included drawers are constructed using BPA-free plastic, with a handle in front, so you can easily carry it to the pot for quickly dumping the contents onto your stew.  In case you have more than three ingredients, the space underneath (1.75 inches) should be enough to fit a small plate or saucer, as well, so you can sweep the rest of the ingredients there if you need the extra storage space.

Surface area is 16 x 11 inches, so you should have enough space to chop everything from onions to vegetables to huge chunks of meat.  Granted, this is nowhere near as awesome as the chef-quality Curtis Stone Workbench, but it’s also not nearly as expensive.

Want one?  Thinkgeek has the One Stop Chop Cutting Board, priced at $39.99.

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