Play Console Games On Your Tablet With OnLive Universal Wireless Controller

OnLive has something good going on with their gaming in the clouds thing.  Now, it gets even better, leaving the confines of PCs and Macs onto TVs, tablets, Blu-Ray players and a whole slew of hardware boxes.  If you were wondering how the heck you’re going to play a streamed game of Just Cause on your iPad, here’s your answer: the OnLive Universal Wireless Controller.

It looks exactly like the company’s MicroConsole Controller, which is what you use to play their streamed game titles on your TV.  This one, though, should work directly with tablets, smartphones and a variety of Intel-based hardware (such as TVs, BD players and set-top boxes with their own processors) — no need to buy the adapter.

The OnLive Universal Wireless Controller packs a variety of radio signals, allowing it to work with a multitude of devices right off the bat.  In case the Bluetooth or IR in your tablet conks out, though, you can use the included USB dongle to set up a wireless link with the gaming accessory.

In all honesty, I was never a firm believer in the future of cloud-streamed gaming services.  Seeing OnLive’s expansion of their offerings, though, I can’t help but feel there’s a bigger market to this than I ever imagined.  There’s just way too many people with too much time who want to play too many games on too many devices.

Apart from the  OnLive Universal Wireless Controller, which will be available in the fall,  the company also announced the inclusion of Disney Interactive titles to their roster and Facebook integration.

[via Joystiq]