Yes, Someone Made Captain America Barbell Plates And They Look Awesome


Like many, you’d probably prefer a hit of Captain America’s super serum, too, instead of having to labor for years at the gym to get anywhere near Chris Evans’ physique. Since those super steroids don’t really exist and you can’t get in any sort of good shape without hitting the weights room, might as well give up the wishful thinking. If you’re looking to build a home gym to start building those Captain America muscles, you might want to check out Onnit’s Captain America Barbell Plates.

That’s right, the health and fitness outfit has partnered with Marvel to turn Cap’s unmistakable shield into barbell plates for the weights room. No, it’s not made from indestructible vibranium steel alloy and, no, it won’t magically turn you into a super soldier with a 600-pound deadlift, but it should make any home gym set up look a lot geekier than usual.


The Onnit Captain America Barbell Plates are, erstwhile, regular weight plates, albeit done up in the likeness of Steve Roger’s signature weapon. These are standard bumper plates, so the solid steel plates come covered in bouncy polyurethane to minimize floor damage (and noise) when dropped. It comes in 25-, 35-, and 45-pound increments.

For now, only the Captain America Barbell Plates have been revealed in the Onnit x Marvel partnership, so we’re looking forward to a lot more cool gym gear (the whole line comes out sometime in the summer). As promotion, they’re holding a raffle where you can win a set of these barbell plates (two of each for 210 pounds total), which you can join by entering your email at the website.

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