Build A Gaming PC You Can Show Off With Lian-Li’s Open Air Chassis


While the inside of most desktop computers are ugly (even when they’re as gorgeous as this desk chassis), they don’t have to be, especially if you’re willing to splurge a bit on accessorizing your gaming PC. And when you’re doing exactly that, you’ll probably want to show your set up off to other friends who come over to play LAN games every Friday night (yes, you still play LAN games in 2014). If you’re not a fan of having to pry off one section of the case every time you want to show off your custom-assembled hardware, just build your next PC using this Open Air Chassis.

Made by Lian-Li, it’s not actually “open air” as the name suggests. Instead, it uses tempered glass to add transparent panels to the case, allowing friends to see the interior set up every time they swing by your gaming headquarters.


The Open Air Chassis line consists of four cases: two mini-ITX (PC-05 and PC-05S), one micro-ATX (PC-06S) and one ATX (PC-07S). Aside from tempered glass on the side panels, the cases are constructed using aluminum, so build should be both lightweight and very durable. In order to make the interior as presentable as possible, the motherboard is designed to sit front and center, with the hard drive bays and the optical drive slot set up discreetly behind it. Of course, you’ll still have to be a little smart with your cabling to keep them away from view, but it’s a really neat solution. Three of the cases (the ones with an “S” in the name) come with support for a 240mm liquid cooling radiator.

Slated for release in February, pricing for the Lian-Li Open Air Chassis starts at $289.

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