OpenBook Lounge Chair Comes With Bookshelves And Magazine Racks

Don’t like the idea of using the coffee table as a makeshift bookshelf and don’t want to install a standing bookcase either?  Not a problem with the OpenBook, a single-seater lounge chair with its own built-in book and magazine racks.

Made by Tilt, it’s an oversized comfy chair with the seat flanked by book shelves on the right side and magazine hanging racks on the left side and the back, allowing you to surround yourself with the printed word while you type on your MacBook.  Yeah, we don’t know why that girl on the above picture is browsing pictures on Facebook when she’s got tons of books on her reading list either, but such is the way of our modern times.

The OpenBook is, basically, a mini-library with raised walls that allow for some cubicle-like privacy, all while providing easy access to your favorite reading materials.  It features a comfy cushioned seat and backrest, with a fully upholstered wall panel on the left side, so you can lay your head on it and fall asleep while reading a dense book you mistakenly thought was about a supernatural drama involving teenage vampires and high school romances, with the top of the shelves acting as areas for holding the cup of coffee and plate of pie you’re having for snack.

The configuration has all the books and magazines facing outward, which makes retrieving them a little harder (you’ll probably have to get up to ensure you don’t get the wrong reading material).  On the other hand, the same set-up ensures guests can see your small collection of printed matter, so it can double as a storage shelf for showing off your literary taste.

You can email Tilt to get pricing and ordering information.

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