This Elegant Bookshelf Ships Flat-Packed And Assembles With No Tools


Last time we checked out OpenDesk, they just got started offering open-source furniture designs that you can download and build in your own workshop. Well, the company has evolved since then, turning into a central hub that connects customers to local furniture builders who are capable of producing the outfit’s designs. And, yes, their lineup has expanded beyond office desks, too, with this OpenDesk Linnea Bookshelf being one of their newest creations.

A five-level freestanding shelf, the storage furniture provides plenty of space to accommodate a whole host of objects, from books and folders to toys and all sorts of collectibles. It’s got contemporary aesthetics, too, ensuring it’s going to fit right in with most modern home interiors.


Similar to IKEA furniture, the OpenDesk Linnea Bookshelf is designed to flat-pack during transport, ensuring there’ll be few problems whether it’s being delivered to your home or you’re picking it up at the local woodworking shop. Unlike most IKEA items, though, this thing is designed to assemble without any tools, relying instead on interlocking joints and compression fittings that allow it to be stable and support a lot of weight without the use of unsightly fastening hardware. That means, it should also easily disassemble when you’re moving houses, making it a whole lot more convenient than other bookshelf options.

All the shelves are open so it will make for a nice place to showcase your favorite collectibles, although the four lower shelves have half of the back section covered to ensure everything stays in place even if you push that book in a little too vigorously. It’s spacious, too, with each individual shelf measuring 18 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches (width x height x depth), ensuring it can accommodate almost anything you need to stash in its compartments. Each of the shelves, by the way, extend slightly beyond the vertical supports, allowing you to use them to clip lights, hang plants, and add other ornamentation.


The OpenDesk Linnea Bookshelf measures 71.9 x 43.3 x 15 inches (height x width x depth), so it’s quite the imposing presence, whether you put in the living room, the bedroom, or any other space in the house. Because of the half-covered back panel, they’re perfectly safe to place away from the wall, too, so you can use it as a room divider for larger spaces around the house. Construction is a half-inch thick birch plywood, so this should be pretty sturdy.

Since OpenDesk won’t build the furniture themselves, the process for ordering is a little different than your standard e-commerce store. When you place an order for the bookshelf, the outfit will then contact their approved woodworkers near your location, who will then provide them with a quote. Within two days, they’ll send you all the quotes they receive, after which you can then choose which one to accept and pay it through the website.

Given how the process works, there’s no set price for the OpenDesk Linnea Bookshelf. The outfit, however, estimates it should cost around $500.

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