Smart Design: OpenFrame Mounts Artwork On Walls Using Magnets

Putting up your kids’ drawings on the fridge door using magnets is a great way to show off their kiddie doodles.  Once your little art prodigy graduates to doing sketches a little too advanced for his age, though, you’ll definitely want to show them off someplace other than the fridge door.  These OpenFrames offer an ideal solution.

Unlike traditional frames, these wooden display panels don’t have an inner slot where you can slip in your pictures and prints.  Instead, it consists of slabs of wood with a sheet of metal hidden under the surface.  That way, you can hold your children’s artwork on it with a magnet, similar to the way you mount them on a fridge door.

Each OpenFrame is constructed with a combination of birch plywood, birch veneer and stainless steel, with oversized slots on the back of the frame for easy use with different types of mounting hardware.  Every frame is decked in either one of three finishes (natural birch, black stain or white stain), then topped with a clear lacquer to protect it from wear, so you can keep it up the wall with little maintenance.  It comes in three sizes: square (10 x 10 inches), medium (18 x 24 inches) and large (24 x 30 inches).  All frames are 0.75 inches thick.

To use, simply hold up the artwork or print to the frame, then use the included rare earth magnets to hold it in place.  Once you get bored with the Superhero Noir Poster, just replace it with something else, like a picture or a keepsake memorabilia.

Currently, OpenFrame is collecting backers over at Kickstarter.  You can reserve yourself one for pledges starting at $35.

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