Opera Pop-Up Camper Makes Outdoor Camping A Genuine Luxury


Yes, it’s really just a pop-up camper. For some reason, though, I’m very keen on the Opera’s official billing as a “mobile designer suite.” Both inside and out, the thing unabashedly screams luxury.

Low and sleek, it looks nothing like the bevy of motor homes you can find campers hauling down RV resorts during the summer. The stretched canvas cover, in fact, looks more like a fancy event tent than bivouacking equipment.  Want to indulge in sumptuous sophistication while dirtying it up with nature?  This is how you do it – with a camper that appears more comfortable than the last five hotels I’ve slept in (it’s a no contest, by the way, because I’m uber-cheap).

The Opera features a stainless steel mount and full polyester casing, with an 11-feet tall tent cover. Like any good pop-up camper, it’s armed with four aluminum wheels, shock breakers and a stabilization device. No ghetto manual operation here – it’s got wireless remote for controlling a bunch of stuff, including the double axle mover and the three-legged leveling system.

No understating of luxury, either, as it’s got coated teak floors and veranda, interiors finished in oak, corian and stainless steel, two electrically-adjustable beds that can be combined into one large bunk, a compact indoor kitchen, a modular outdoor kitchen, boiler for the water faucets, air heating, a 36L fridge, a chemical toilet, a pull-out shower and more. See, it’s probably more loaded than the last five hotels you stayed in too (I know you, you’re even more of a tightwad than I am).

Want to make your next weekend at camp feel more like Martha Stewart Living, rather than Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe? You know what to do – snag an Opera Pop-Up Camper the minute it hits showrooms. If you can afford it, of course. No pricing yet, but expect it to be steep.

[Your Suite In Nature via Uncrate]