Opinel Le Petit Chef Set Makes Food Preparation Safe For Children


Yes, it’s usually a bad idea to involve young kids in any meal preparation task that requires handling knives and other sharp tools. Unless, of course, you got them the Opinel Le Petit Chef Set, a three-piece food prep kit designed specifically for use by kids.

No, this isn’t one of those fake kitchen tools that kids use to play pretend chef with toy ingredients. Instead, this is a real knife with a sharp edge that can capably chop, slice, and dice any food ingredients, albeit with a unique design that greatly minimizes the chances of causing accidental cuts.


The Opinel Le Petit Chef Set consists of three tools: a knife, a peeler, and a finger guard. Rings on the handles of the knife and peeler provide a safe, non-slip place to for kids to position their index finger during use, while a rounded tip on the 4-inch knife blade should eliminate any cuts from accidental pokes. Both come with stainless steel blades, so they can retain edge for a long time, ensuring your kids can use them to cook for many, many years.


Aside from the two blades, it comes with a finger guard, where kids can safely shield their finger from the blade while finely slicing and dicing food on the cutting board. This is a kid-sized set, by the way, so you probably want to leave it for the kids unless you want to be frustrated the next time you whip up something in the kitchen.

Available now, the Opinel Le Petit Chef Set is priced at $58.95.

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