Opinel No. 9 DIY: This Folding Knife Doubles As A Handy Screwdriver


Among the multitude of options for utility knives, there are few styles we like better than the distinct look of Opinel’s lineup, which have largely gone unchanged for over 100 years. The Opinel No. 9 DIY Knife doesn’t veer away from that familiar style, all while adding a neat trick: it doubles as a handy screwdriver.

A modified version of Opinel’s classic No. 9, it comes with a bit holder at the tail end, allowing you to use simply fold the knife, insert a bit, and use it to drive a fastening hardware. Whether you’re mounting a shelf on the wall, working on your gaming PC’s motherboard, or attaching a phone mount to your bike, this thing gives you a versatile tool that you can use to cut stuff off and drive screws with equal aplomb.


The Opinel No. 9 DIY Knife actually comes with two bit slots on the handle: one to hold the bit at the tail and another to keep a spare bit on standby. It measures 4.6 inches when closed, making it compact enough to cram into a pants pocket, all while extending to 8.25 inches with its 3.6-inch blade folded out. As with other Opinel knives, it comes with the outfit’s familiar shapely handle cut in polyamide, a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, and locking ring to keep the blade securely in place. Other features include a wire cutter notch, a wire stripper notch, and a light weight of 2.8 ounces.

Available in two handle colors, the Opinel No. 9 DIY is priced at $30.

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