Use The Oppo Food Ball To Keep Your Dogs From Inhaling Their Food


Is your dog one of those pets that eat like they’re trying to “inhale” their food in the fastest way imaginable? While there’s nothing wrong with being a voracious eater, habitually consuming solid foods like its drinking water can lead to bloating, choking, and even digestive problems. The Oppo Food Ball can help prevent that situation.

A unique dog bowl, it’s designed to slow down your dog’s eating speed to a less frantic pace, minimizing their ability to quickly clean out the bowl by inhaling their food.   That way, your pets are forced to take their time with the meal, scooping out a few morsels at a time, and encouraging them to chew everything properly.


The Oppo Food Ball is a ball-shaped dog bowl that makes it difficult to eat rapidly by constantly spinning in place while the dog digs in for a mouthful. Not only does it move, but it has notched sections along the inside of the bowl, so food is automatically sorted in portions, making it near-impossible to scoop out a giant mouthful of food in a single go. Since the food goes in the notched area on the round bowl, the chances of any food falling out is also minimal, allowing you to keep the floor much cleaner than with a regular feeding bowl.

Two sizes are available, small (4.3 x 4.3 x 3.3 inches) and large (6.9 x 6.9 x 5.7 inches), so both petite and beastly pets can partake in the bowl’s healthier eating benefits. It comes in three colors: cherry, orange, and blue.

Available now, the Oppo Food Ball is priced at $34.

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