Optimal Posture Office Chair Keeps You From Slouching At Work


You know slouching is bad for your back, but you still do it all the time.  Doesn’t matter what new gimmick office chair you use — your willpower simply fails you.  The only real way for you to keep good posture while you go through the workday is to use a chair that makes slouching impossible and the Optimal Posture Office Chair is just the furniture for the job.

Developed with input from doctors of the Wooridul Spine Hospital, the chair is designed to support ideal posture, whether you’re leaning back to read notes on your iPad or leaning in to type a novel on your keyboard.  And just from looking at it, you can tell slouching is not an option, with a seat that’s not big enough to support your slouching ass and a backrest that’s bound to make your horrible seating posture plenty uncomfortable.

When crouched in your cubicle at work, the Optimal Posture Office Chair has a rest that you can use to support your chest while you lean in to type and get a better view of the screen.  Couple that with the forward-sloping pelvis support that creates a semi-standing stance to keep your back straight the entire time and you’ve got arguably the best posture support you can ever get at work.  The same rest can also be swiveled a full 180 degrees, forcing you to push your chest outward and your shoulders back when you lean on it all smug like the boss that you are.  Other features include sloped sides (to keep the knees apart), built in footrests, adjustable tilt and adjustable height.

The Optimal Posture Office Chair is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $499.95.

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