Use The Option Pack Safe Cover To Theft-Proof Your Backpack


We’re big fans of theft-proof bags and their unyielding devotion to protecting your gear. Problem is, they leave you stuck with the exact same bag if you want to be protected wherever you go. The Option Pack Safe Cover changes that.

Instead of a theft-proof bag, it’s a theft-proof cover that you can slip onto any bag you carry, not unlike those waterproof covers that protect your packs from rain. That way, you can keep your gear safe when protection is needed without being stuck with the exact same accessory every single time.


The Option Pack Safe Cover has a shell made with 100 percent UHMWPE, which boasts twice the strength of Kevlar, allowing it to resist cuts and tears with relative ease. Suffice to say, cutting through this bag’s shell isn’t going to be easy. The strap (which you can use to secure it to a bench, post, or rail) is equally durable, with a build that can supposedly shrug off sharp alligator shears – yep, those same ones they use for metalworking.


Aside from being ultra-tough, the cover is both waterproof and UV-resistant, so this can protect your backpack from the elements just as capably.  It comes in two sizes: one that can accommodate 30-liter packs and another that fits bags up to 45 liters.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Option Pack Safe Cover. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $55.

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