OptiScoop Redesigns The Powder Scoop For Less Mess And Waste


It’s not uncommon to get some spilled powder when you’re scooping up protein mix into a bottle or shaker. That just comes with the territory. At least, that’s the case with traditional powder scoops. The OptiScoop changes that.

A cross between a powder scoop, a funnel, and a syringe, it lets you draw a precise amount of product from a can of protein powder, then dispense it directly inside your collapsible water bottle (or whatever drinking vessel you’re using). No more carefully pouring it at the bottle’s mouth (a major cause of spills) or using a funnel, since you can insert the whole thing into a bottle to ensure not a single morsel goes to waste.


The OptiScoop has measurement lines along its body (in 2.5ml increments), allowing you to see exactly how much product you’re scooping. Since it works like a syringe, the powder won’t accidentally fall out on the way to the bottle (it has holes at the bottom of the scoop that let air out), dispensing only once you push on the trigger, with fins on the neck preventing it from falling all the way in (just in case you have slippery hands or something). A shovel edge on the opening ensures you can use it to scrape the bottom of the container – an erstwhile impossible feat with the powder scoops that come with your protein shakes and mass gainer products.

Available in packs of two (one 20ml and one 30ml), the OptiScoop is currently getting pre-orders on Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $13.

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