Orbitkey Desk Mat Doubles As A Desk And Cable Organizer

We’re big fans of using desk mats. They’re a great way to instantly elevate your workspace aesthetics, apart from protecting your desk from nicks and scratches. The Orbitkey Desk Mat does the standard versions of the office accessory even better by helping clear up wire mess and clutter.

Like other desk mats, it gives you a large rectangular panel that you can lay on top of the desk, giving you a designated place to set down your keyboard, mouse, and a few other essential peripherals. Unlike them, it has a unique design that lets you file away documents, organize supplies, and even keep your charging cables in place, allowing it to organize your desk on top of making it look so much better.

The Orbitkey Desk Mat has a top surface that can be lifted to provide access to a storage area designed to hold documents, notepads, and various printed matter, whether it be a printed copy of a case-study you’re reviewing, a loose sheet of paper containing your notes on this morning’s meetings, or a cheat sheet you’re using for writing Excel formulas. Heck, you can use that area to hold your Post-It notes, in case you don’t want to clutter your work area with sticky notes dangling all over the place.

It has a section on top called a toolbar, which has a metal rail underneath that you can use to secure pens, letter openers, utility knives, and other small office supplies. A magnetic cable holder can be snapped on top of the rail and moved along its full length, allowing you to place it in the middle when charging your wireless keyboard, on the left side when charging your phone, or anywhere else as it’s needed. Each cable holder is only designed to hold one cable at a time, although it should accommodate additional cable holders if you want to charge multiple gadgets at the same time.

The Orbitkey Desk Mat has a top cut in PU leather, so you’ll be working on top of a material that’s durable enough to absorb any impact, while being smooth enough to use as a mousepad and stiff enough to comfortably write on. It’s water-repellent, too, so you can easily wipe off any spills completely, as well as clean up any dirt or grime with a simple wipe down. Basically, you can keep your drink on the mat without any worries, saving your desk from dealing with coffee marks day after day. Under it sits recycled PET felt that’s designed to be gentle on your desk surface, while dampening any noise your peripherals make as you use them.

It comes in two sizes: medium (26.7 x 14.5 inches) and large (35 x 16.5 inches).  The medium should accommodate a laptop and a mouse comfortably, although there’s not much room for anything else, so you’ll probably want to get a large if you want to round up all your essential work materials right on the mat surface.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Orbitkey Desk Mat. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $49.

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