Orbitkey Nest EDC Case Doubles As A Wireless Charging Desk Organizer

Remember Orbitkey, that clever pocket tool which housed your keys inside a Swiss Army Knife form factor? Yeah, we love that thing. The outfit’s newest product, the Orbitkey Nest, builds a home for the rest of your EDC stash, giving you a way to carry your daily stash that’s equal parts convenient and stylish.

Billed as a “portable desk organizer,” it’s a small case sized to hold your everyday essentials that you can carry by hand, all while looking right at home when sitting somewhere on your desk at work. Sure, you can always carry those things in an EDC pouch, but this case brings a few choice features that should make it a much better solution.

The Orbitkey Nest is an erstwhile regular plastic case that measures 9.5 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches (width x depth x height), making it easy enough to carry in your hand or drop inside your laptop bag, so you can take it to work without any extra fuss. Instead of leaving you to grasp the stiff plastic shell, the cover the case body with a nylon-polyester mélange fabric and the lid with natural grain top leather, so the whole thing feels a whole lot classier than your run-of-the-mill EDC case.

The main compartment is, basically a tray whose layout you can customize using six included dividers, making it just that much easier to organize your gear instead of having them jumble together into an incorrigible mess during transit. There’s enough room in the tray to carry most gadgets and accessories you’re likely to bring to the office, from your phone and your mouse to your charging cables and your pocket knife of choice. At the inside of the lid sits multiple small pockets that you can use to hold memory cards, USB dongles, credit cards, and all sorts of other small items.

The Orbitkey Nest has a dual-function hinge mechanism that allows you to flip the lid or remove it entirely to get access to the contents. This is important as it allows you to separate the lid from the tray when you’re in the office, which puts all the tray’s contents within easy reach, all while still making it easy to get stuff while you’re on the way to the office. The lid, by the way, has its own sunken tray on the right side, which you can use as additional storage on your desk, while the raised left side actually hides a wireless charger underneath, allowing you to use it to charge all your Qi-compatible gadgets.

An elastic loop closure on the exterior keep the case securely closed, so it will never accidentally open and spill all your stuff during your commute. The outfit claims the loop closure actually stays close even when you drop the case, while the dividers keep the stuff inside from ever moving around. The elastic loop, by the way, can be used to strap a small notebook on the exterior of the case, while a loop on the edge lets you secure a pen, so you can jot down notes at any time without having to open the case.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Orbitkey Nest. You can reserve a unit for pledges of $89.

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