Orbitkey Brings The Swiss Knife’s Fold-Out Design To Keys

The classic Swiss Knife is an incredible design, bundling a series of flip-out tools inside a small pocket-sized frame.  The Orbitkey brings that same clever design to your keys, keeping them in an organized pile for resting snugly in your pant’s pocket.

Offering a stylish, more practical alternative to key fobs, the contraption holds your keys in a neat stack, with the holes hooked onto a single screw that’s integrated in the locking mechanism.  To use a key, just flip it out of the pile — done.

The Orbitkey is a band (either genuine leather or TPU elastomer), with the aluminum locking mechanism installed at the ends.  To set up, fold the band in half, pile the keys along the screw, and lock it.  It’s designed to fit keys with hole diameters from 5mm onwards, although those with smaller holes can still fit with strategic placement.  They offer three optional components: an external attachment ring for holding larger keys (like your car key), a key-shaped bottle opener that you can add to the pile, and a key-shaped 8GB USB storage.  Dimensions are 85 x 19 mm (l x w), with the capacity to hold up to 9 keys.

Unlike traditional key fobs, the contraption holds the keys in place the entire time.  That means, no more rattling in your pockets and no more keys scratching any gadget you slide next to it.

As of now, the Orbitkey is a fully-funded project on Kickstarter but there is still time to reserve yourself a unit starting at $29.

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