Sip Your Drinks Out Of A Wooden Oak Barrel With The Orca Double Barrel 24oz

Drinking your favorite drink mixes off a glass is fun and all, but sometimes you just want to change things up. How about you drink that nasty stuff off the barrel where they make it? Yeah, that’s probably uncomfortable. Maybe you can practice first by drinking it out of the Orca Double Barrel 24oz Tumbler.

Styled to look like a whiskey oak barrel, this container allows you to enjoy your beverages from a miniature version of those wooden casks they use to ferment all sorts of alcoholic libations. Except… you know… it’s sized like a standard tumbler, so you can actually pick it up and sip your drinks off it, which would be otherwise impossible with a fully-loaded barrel.

The Orca Double Barrel 24oz Tumbler is a drinking tumbler clad in the likeness of those oak whiskey barrels. No, they didn’t use actual wood for those panels. Instead, it’s just a wood grain print wrapped over the tumbler’s 18/8 stainless steel walls. It’s vacuum-sealed, by the way, so it offers insulation to keep your warm hand from affecting the cold drink’s temperature, while eliminating condensation, so your drinking vessel isn’t dripping in moisture every time you pick it up. That same insulation should make it just as good to use with hot beverages, as it can keep your coffee hot for longer than a standard cup or mug.

It has a 24-ounce capacity, so you can empty two full cans of your favorite suds in it. An included lid lets you cover it for those times you want to idle about instead of sipping on whatever you’ve got brewing inside that miniature oak barrel.

The Orca Double Barrel 24oz is available now.

ORCA Double Barrel 24oz | Temperature Insulated,...
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