Orca Gear MOLLE Wrap Lets You Attach Storage Pouches On Your Cooler


People loved the Coolest Cooler (at least, before their recent fulfillment issues) because they, literally, turned a simple cooler into an all-in-one party pack. So why not just turn a simple cooler into an all-in-one carrier for a whole load of supplies? That’s exactly what the Orca Gear MOLLE Wrap lets you do.

Designed to work with Orca’s 26-quart, 40-quart, and 58-quart coolers, it’s a wrap that wears around the cooler, serving as an outer shell. Armed with MOLLE attachments all throughout the surface, it lets you attach any compatible gear to the cooler, instantly expanding its utility, whether you’re going to the beach, hitting a tailgate, or camping in the backwoods.


The Orca Gear MOLLE Wrap is made from 600D polyurethane coated nylon, so it should hold up to rugged abuse wherever you take it. It uses 1-inch Type III MOLLE webbing, with a 1,000-pound tensile strength rating, so you can carry hefty loads on this thing without any issues. Orca currently sells 15 products that are compatible with the wrap, including a pistol holster, a pouch for shot shells, a first aid kit, an insulated drink holder, and more.


You can, of course, also use it with any MOLLE-compatible storage gear you have stashed at home, allowing you to outfit the cooler in endless ways. Granted, we’re not entirely sure how convenient it will be to carry a cooler with a bundle of gear hanging off it, but having the option sure sounds better than not having it.

Available now, pricing for the Orca Gear MOLLE Wrap starts at $49.99.

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