Order An Off-Road Rally Fighter And Help Build It Too


Wareham-based kit-builder Local Motors held a contest several months ago, inviting designers to create a one-off ride for series production.  The wild-looking, Baja-style Rally Fighter won the most number of votes, besting close to 21,000 other aspirants.  Now, those interested in scoring the odd-bodied ride can reserve one of 3,000 units scheduled to be made with a $99 deposit.

Here’s the cool thing about the off-roader. You get to sit in and lend a hand as Local Motors builds your Rally Fighter.  Basically, you’re paying for both the car and the experience of putting it together, alongside professional car-builders.

Notable parts of the dual-height vehicle include a 3.0-liter BMW 335d engine with 265hp and 425 lb-ft of torque, a custom-made vinyl wrap for the body (you can ask for your own designs), power-steering, anti-lock brakes, independent double A-arm front suspension and a 3-link solid rear axle.  Dimensions will be 5’8″ high, 6’7″ long and a 9’6″ wheelbase.  There’s no word on what the interior will look like, but at the price Local Motors is aiming at, it better be somewhat decent.

The first pieces of the road-legal Rally Fighter will be scheduled as soon as orders begin trickling in.  Building will commence with an additional $5,000 lock-in deposit. Early builds will be done at Local Motors’ home in Wareham, Massachusets.  Estimated price is $50,000 apiece, although that’s subject to change, depending on actual costs.

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