Oregon Scientific’s Time-Projecting Atomic Clock


It aims to please, just like that inappropriately dressed woman you met back in Vegas.  Sad to say, though, Oregon Scientific’s Auto Rotate Wooden Projection Clock doesn’t deliver its delights the same way as she might have.

Instead, the swanky timepiece beams the digital time up to a wall or ceiling, depending on where you point the projection panel.  That way, you can lie in your bed without moving an inch, all while getting a good look at what ungodly hour you have been roused from your slumber.  Along with the time, it also beams the temperature, in case you’ve suddenly woken to a cold chill.

Wood-encased and classic looking, it can even tell time (along with inside and outside temperatures, as well as an icon-based weather forecast) in a normal way, right on its large LED-backlit LCD display.  It comes with some sort of accelerator feature that allows the on-screen display to render either horizontally or vertically on its own accord, depending on how you set it down.

An atomic clock, the Auto Rotate Wooden Projection Clock offers accurate time telling that you just can’t get from regular timepieces.  The unique function, snazzy features and attractive styling will cost you, though, to the tune of $129.99.

[Oregon Scientific via Dvice]